Well we recently had the pleasure in attending the amazing town of Lorne located along the great ocean road, Victoria. I would like to say that it was purely just for pleasure but I would be lying. Every Year since we started Wayuu Bags we have attended at the Lorne Foreshore markets. The market stalls are held on Melbourne cup long weekend, Australia day, Easter long weekend and New Years long weekend. I can honestly say that the location of these markets is amazing and one of the main reason we continue to attend, not to mention the amazing amount of people that rock up. The name Foreshore markets really doesn’t let it down, we can watch the waves break from our market stall. The area is clean, green grass and the market stalls are very well organised.

I am modest and will always say that our stall is the best and it is the only reason you should attend the markets, but In close second are all the amazing products being sold. Lots of handmade jewellery, organic clothing, very beautiful handmade baskets from Burma, nearly as colourful and interesting as our wayuu bags and a large variety of interesting food to eat. You can literally grab something to eat, take a couple of steps, your sitting on the beach ready to enjoy and take it all in. This is one of the nicest well protected beaches I have seen in a long time. I am always impressed with the how blue and clean the water looks and how well the waves form. If you can get down early in the morning the water looks like glass.

If your a little bit more precious and don’t like the sand, wind and the taste of salt water on your food then there are so many restaurants and cafes that run along the main road in Lorne. The restaurants overlook the foreshore and are always busy. ( In a good way) We frequently stop after the markets and get something to eat along the strip. The pub on the hill puts on a really good feed, meal size is good and it is well priced. The outdoor area is really nice and it is great to sit outside and drink a few beverages in the sun. There is also a couple of really good coffee places that we have been to, especially before we drive back all the way to Melbourne. I know it is only 2.5 hours drive, but I really don’t like driving long distances.

If you are driving down the Great Ocean Road, be sure to allow sometime to stop and check out this beautiful little town. I have barely scratched the surface in what it has to offer. Oh and if you are fortunate enough to be down that way on market day, please come visit Wayuu bags.