Mochila or a Wayuu?

If you have been researching the Wayuu bags before you buy one, you have probably come to realise a couple of different things. Firstly, of course has the best variety, customer service and best valued wayuu bags available in Australia :), but you are also probably wondering what is the difference between a Mochila and a Wayuu bag. If you enter the word Mochila into the search bar on google, you will find our products and products that are similar.

Well a Wayuu bag is a Mochila, it is simply a Spanish word for a bag. The only reason we call it a Wayuu bag is because, the tribe that makes these amazing handmade bags is known as the wayuu tribe. So in the tradition of keeping things simple we have just called them Wayuu Bags.

If you want to learn even more about the meaning of the word here are a couple of cool links.